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Well time is running out! Soon oh so soon I will be in the desert! Fun stuff. I can't wait to see dylan, marley, and my baby girl Phebe. I'm fighting hard, but will be in her life :) as her father :))

anyway. I'll write more later. as if anyone were reading this!

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What a day, what. day! Went into work extra early! @ 5am. was intense but got so much done! Counting down the days until i leave the CONUS. I missed my daughter an extra lot today. Shes a missing part of me :(

Found out my two orders for my Touchpads are 90% likely to go through! woooo! My supervisor is submitting an awesome package for me to get an award! and I'm currently watching Hobo With A Shotgun.

today = effin awesome.
the main actor who plays the hobo kinda sucks at acting tho..the girl is soooh hawtttt.

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But I'll post an entry :)

Well oh well. I have changed quite a bit! I haven't been here in gosh..5 years? A little less? I have not had my first child with an ex girlfriend, gone to jail for possession of marijuana, joined the Air Force, and have traveled all along the Unites States being a tourist. Currently, I reside in Boise, ID, and I am divorced.

One thing is true, I have stuck to my roots, and for that I am thankful and proud of myself. Still buddhist, still vegetarian, still anti-promiscuous, however, I still have not been to college. Maybe when I get out of all this military lifestyle, I can educate myself on something. I miss who I used to be in the previous entries of this journal. I miss it oh so much. I had fun in life, I enjoyed life. Now I just work every day for "the man." I love to work. I'm a worker and I bust my ass.

But I definitely am destined for so much more..and I will attain.
Just you watch.


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[and the only prescriprion is more cowbell]

okey dokey well well. i'm a tid bit influenced at the momento amigo. hah. so so life has been rather lenient on me recently. gorgeous girl, no more LB [hopefully], and a lot of [edited]. fun fun fun fun.

So i've made my mind up that i'm gonna start out at a community college and get some general medical degrees before i decide to hop into a full big college. it'sll be more efficient bot emotionally and also financially.
well i think i'm gonna go pass ouut now.

i'm smiling really big right now. too bad you're missing it. lol

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well well well. it seems to be so that life is rather splendid at the moment. I have a new chic who it seems is seriously rocking my socks right now. I just can't let go of those gothic beauties. Still at sicily's. Still waiting, in Anticipation, to leave the hell called LB and move to GP...

I'm mostly a myspace whore. becaue i can't figure out something to put into a journal everytime i get online every other 5 minutes.

SO, to my gorgeous Ashley. to all a goodnight. time to smoke and sleep.

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okey okey. bored. haven't updated in a while. so so life is great. single again but not for long i think. but my hair, pierced my lip, and got contacts. oh and bout to go to a new school. life is changing so much. i'm a new person once again. i'm always chaging. every month. who doesn't.

Still vegetarian. three years this february. i'm learning hebrew this year and plan on going to NY and Israel for a senior trip. i'm 18 now and have to pay rent of 400 bucks. fucking lame if you ask me. I'm buddhist now and anti-messianic. fuck any 'holy-one' (BTW, buddhism isn't a religion, it's a way of life. so don't attack me for religious hippocracy, i know my shit.)

enuf for me. fuck off.

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Once again. Have waited months to update. Ok. Out of the 9 month relationship....the girl stalked me. Now i'm with Lulu. she is so amazing. She makes me really happy and has so many same interests...i don't know where to begin. Check her myspace if ya wanna. myspace.com/itslulubitch

And here is mine myspace.com/mssk8r04

Life is pretty well now. I'm about to be 18 and my parents are going to make me pay a ridiculus $300 a month. Bush-shit if you ask me. Yes still in my vegetarianism. Nearly 2 a year i think. If not then about 1 year and 8 months. Quit smoking, and am pretty much back to straight edge status. But i do drink on occasion. and i do Smoke salvia divinorum. but hey, it's all legal.

This is my last year as a child. Well, last 3 months. I have a lot of responsibility. I do understand that.

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well, as usual, i'm bored. I have a term paper due today, but am taking a late grade tomorrow. I'm off of work now, and am able to drive. so idk what i'll do today.

I'm supposed to be doing work, but am instead updating this journal. so anyway, i may just watch a movie. Garden State to be exact. i hear from a pretty reliable [and cute] source that it is good, so i will do so. anyways, only 4 days of school left till summer!!


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Woo-hoo!! Exactly one week from tomorrow is the summertime! I'll probably work all summer, buuut I still will have the freedom from school.

So all has been well since the last month of me not updating. but i have nothing to say. bye.

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